The Ultimate Benefits That Have Made Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy A Hot Favorite

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Albert suffered from chronic back pain in 2013 and various therapies that were prevalent back then failed to give him a permanent cure. Albert, at that time, had come across a person who suggested him to go for regenerative stem cell therapy. To everyone’s surprise, stem cell therapy proved effective and Albert got the cure. Now in 2019, Albert’s son who plays football prefers stem cell therapy to cure his injuries – just the way his father did back in 2013!

Albert and his family are not the only ones in the USA who look at stem cell therapy as a treatment to most of their ailments. A study in 2012 showed that over 1 million patients worldwide have been treated with adult stem cells and experienced improved health by December 2012.

It’s 2019 and the figure has only increased. Stem cell therapy has become a boon for the ones who have sought the therapy for their ailments and is still a secret to them who are forcing themselves to surgeries and other invasive treatments.

So the big question is what is so special about stem cell therapy that is alluring millions of patients worldwide every year. Follow the article for the next 5 minutes and treat yourself with the benefits of regenerative stem cell therapy.

1. It’s the last stop for orthopedic injuries

Got an injury to the musculoskeletal system? Stem cell therapy is the last resort! Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the most specialized tools or stem cells for curing your orthopedic injuries. MSCs are capable of differentiating and getting transformed into new orthopedic tissues thereby working actively in the task of making muscle, bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and adipose tissue. Hence the recovery is quick and the chances of undergoing any surgery also diminish.

2. Stem cell therapy avoids surgery

You might have seen your favorite sportsperson getting an injury and ending up in the surgical ward.

Do you know?

600,000 joint replacements, especially of the hip and knee, are performed in the United States annually.

Injuries are normal for any human and surgical methods are the last option that the majority of this population earlier went for. However, the patients are never directly told to go for surgery. First, they are suggested to try various therapies like physical therapy, steroid injections, stretching, medication, and other treatments. After these, if a patient doesn’t show the desired recovery, then they are informed that surgery is the last option. The process is hectic and no doubt it burns a big hole in your pocket.

Stem cell therapy has made various advancements for sportsmen in the last few years.

This is not the case with stem cells. Stem cells are capable of getting transformed into the cells that are required for the recovery of a certain injury. When these specialized stem cells are injected into the damaged area, the body’s natural healing process accelerates and healthy tissues are formed.

3. It has also shown signs of treating various neurodegenerative diseases

Stem cell therapy has proven beneficial in ailments like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, and stroke recovery. All these have shown that the therapy is certainly effective for neurodegenerative diseases too.

Stem cells are specialized and their quality to transform into any desired cell helps them treat a patient with neurodegenerative diseases with more efficiency. Stem cells have even been predicted to provide various much-needed reliefs to neurodegenerative patients like:

  • improve synaptic circuits

  • optimize functional recovery

  • offer relief from degeneration symptoms

  • slow down disease progression

A good regenerative stem cell therapy can provide better relief to you if you visit them now without making much delay.

4. The recovery time post surgery is the minimum

What do you do after a normal surgery? Lay on the bed in the hospital until they feel it fit to discharge you. Later, when they discharge you, they still suggest you remain on bed rest for a certain period and avoid too much physical activity.

With stem cell therapy you never have to worry about how much bed rest the physician is going to suggest you or whether or not you will have to take a month’s off from work for the surgery and recovery.

One of our patients had to take a one month leave from her work as she had to undergo surgery to cure her chronic back pain. It’s sad to mention her story in this article, pity for the lack of information the hardships she had to go for the whole month, and also the salary that she did not receive for the month. This would not have been the case if she went for a regenerative stem cell therapy for her back pain. Stem cell therapy is certainly a relief for them who spend most of the day working in an office sitting on the chair.

To avoid this:

Here are some fast Tips to Combat Back Pain From Sitting For Too Long.

It’s believed that stem cells speed up the normal recovery process. As a result of this, patients report less pain sooner, and the overall recovery time also decreases when compared to traditional surgical methods. For patients who suffer from osteoarthritis, stem cell therapy provides a special benefit in the post-treatment phase.

The option is up to you if you want to go for a therapy that has less recovery time and a faster recovery rate or settle for surgery and prefer lying on the bed for a fortnight before you can recover and go back to work.

5. Stem cells have the potential to reverse diseases

Have you ever heard about a therapy that can reverse diseases? Well, stem cell therapy involves the transformation of stem cells into specialized cell types which gives birth to a possibility of new replacement cells for a number of diseases.

The regenerative nature of stem cells gives birth to a number of possibilities like:

  • For a person who has suffered heart damage, the newly injected stem cells can replace the damaged tissue, and heal the heart, thus reducing the chances of heart attacks and other heart ailments.

  • Parkinson’s disease can result in the destruction of brain cells and this can be prevented if the stem cells are injected on time and they replace the dead cells with new, healthy, and functioning brain cells.

  • Genetic defects in children can be addressed with more efficiency if the stem cells are introduced into the child at the right time. These stem cells can get transformed into healthy functioning cells and lead the child to a better and healthy future ahead.

6. There is no risk of transmission of any communicable disease

In surgical methods or other traditional methods, there is always a chance of catching transmitted diseases. This is not the case with regenerative stem cell therapy. In stem cell therapy, the cells that are used originate from your own body and then extracted. After being separated and worked upon in a safe environment, the stem cells are again injected back into the person.

7. Stem cell therapy can provide relief to burn victims

A burn is something that is quite normal in daily life. There might have been moments when you get a minor burn or a major one and went to your physician. The thing here is that burns tend to induce enormous and unbearable pain which at times can take a long time to heal, or leave a scar after being healed.

As mentioned above, stem cells can be used to produce new and healthy blood cells.

Stem cell therapy has provided the doctors with an option which enables them to inject the stem cells in a way that can produce a new piece of skin on top of the burn. It covers the burn and leaves no signs or damaged burnt skin on the exterior of your body.

The benefits that stem cell brings with it is are in plenty. With a huge crowd outside any stem cell clinic you visit, you cannot deny that people are slowly and gradually becoming more and more aware of the benefits that stem cell therapy can bring to mankind. Besides this, researchers are also paving way for new innovations in stem cell field with various successful researches.

Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville can provide you the best regenerative stem cell therapy for various ailments. They have an efficient team of stem cell specialists that can help you relieve the pain and restore a good and healthy life. Contact Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville to book your appointment today and get rid of the ailments that you are suffering from.

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