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What is Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Regenerative Cell Therapy, also known as Regenerative Medicine, is an area of healthcare that has the potential to have a disruptive effect on the way certain human ailments and conditions are treated. Allogeneic cell and tissue allografts are able to supplement the body’s natural healing process.

Regenerative Cell Therapy uses stem cells to prevent and treat health conditions, disease and chronic pain. Bone marrow transplant is a commonly used therapy. At Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, we use a cell and tissue allograft that is comprised of growth factors, cytokines, proteins, and mesenchymal stem cells. We utilize this type of Regenerative Cell Therapy in our clinic because we have found through research and our actual patient outcomes that it is more effective on joint and ligament conditions and/or deterioration as opposed to adult stem cell therapies utilizing adipose tissue (fat) or bone marrow. We also prefer this method of Regenerative Cell Therapy because it is far less invasive on the patient.

How does Regenerative Cell Therapy work?

As our bodies age we experience longer healing times, inflammation, and cell exhaustion (cell aging). Over time, healthy tissue can become dysfunctional, not only due to age, but injury as well. We administer our cell and tissue allograft to the recipient’s area of injury or degeneration such as the knee, neck, spine, or shoulder to help repair, reconstruct, replace, or supplement the same basic functions of the recipient’s cells or tissues.

The procedure takes less than 15 minutes with minimal pain and is extremely safe and effective.

The human body utilizes a variety of tissue and cell interactions to support the healing process. Our cell and tissue allografts supplement similar tissue in your body via scaffolding, growth factors, homeostatic and general cytokines.

Listen to Big John’s incredible story

10-year NFL veteran, 8-year Jacksonville Jaguar and two-time Pro Bowler “Big” John Henderson received regenerative cell therapy in his back and both knees. His results have been phenomenal – Big John was able to avoid surgery and get rid of his wheelchair!

Who can benefit from Regenerative Cell Therapy?

Patients with bone, joint, and ligament conditions/injuries including:

• Back Pain • Facet Syndrome • Degenerative Disc Disease • Lumbar Arthritis • Osteoarthritis • Bursitis • Cervical Pain • Cervical DJD • Cervical Arthritis • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Wrist Arthritis • Tennis Elbow • Golfer’s Elbow • Bicep Tendon Tear • Shoulder Degeneration and Arthritis          • Shoulder Injuries • Rotator Cuff Tears • Hip Pain • Labrum Tear • Hip Osteoarthritis • Hip Degeneration • Hip Bursitis • Meniscus Tear • Knee Degeneration • ACL or PCL Injury • Chondromalacia • Foot Pain • Plantar Fasciitis

Innovative Development

The cell and tissue allograft we use are processed in an FDA registered lab. The cell and tissue allograft we use is minimally manipulated and prepared utilizing proprietary extraction methods that reduce the loss of important cytokines, growth factors, proteins, and biomolecules, and are intended for homologous use.

Quality Assurance

The cell and tissue allograft we use is processed from donated human tissue from full term deliveries. Comprehensive medical and social histories of the donors are obtained and tissues are procured, processed, and tested in accordance with standards established by FDA requirements to minimize potential risks of disease transmission to recipients. Infectious disease testing is performed at a certified laboratory in accordance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) and 42 CFR part 493.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where does the cell and tissue allograft you use come from?
    • The cell and tissue allograft that we use come from the umbilical cords of healthy, full-term deliveries. The cell and tissue allograft we use does not contain any fetal or embryonic tissue.
  2. Is it safe?
    • The cell and tissue allograft that we use is rigorously tested to FDA guidelines in a CLIA certified lab. Thousands of patients have used our cell and tissue allograft with no adverse effects.
  3. How long does the procedure take?
    • Depending upon the area being treated, the procedure is completed in an office visit. The actual injection and/or injections only takes 2-15 minutes depending on whether a single area is being treated or multiple areas are being treated.
  4. How many treatments will I need?
    • Administering the cell and tissue allograft is a 1 time injection. Frequently, our providers will also prescribe a series of 3 Advanced Therapeutic Cold Laser Pain sessions in conjunction with the patient’s Regenerative Cell Therapy treatment to improve and speed up healing time. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition or injury, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, also known as PRP, might also be prescribed.
  5. Does the procedure hurt?
    • The administration of our cell and tissue allograft does not require any invasive procedures, resulting in less pain and a shorter procedure time.
  6. When will I feel better?
    • Depending upon the severity of your condition and/or injury and your personal health, recovery and pain reduction can vary. A large portion of our patients report experiencing relief or improved range of motion in as little as a week or under one month from their treatment date. Others with more severe conditions have reported that their condition significantly improved over a progression of 3-6 months after treatment.

Other Regenerative Medicine Treatments We Specialize In

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy

What is an Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy?

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy is safe and effective, helping the body boost its ability to heal itself. It is administered through a single injection of Human Amniotic Fluid (AF).

What is an Amniotic Fluid Injection (AF)?

Amniotic Fluid contains a rich mixture of collagens, cytokines, elastins and growth factors that creates an extra-cellular matrix which supports healing and has the potential to reduce scarring and inflammation. AF is filled with growth factors which assist the body in tissue repair, reducing pain and inflammation and contributing to the regeneration and reconstruction of injured tissue.

What benefits does Stem Cell Recruitment Injections offer?

  • Powerful Treatment: Relieves pain associated with joints, soft tissue and spinal injuries.
  • Convenient & Painless: 15-minute in office, single injection.
  • All Natural & Drug-free: Contains a large concentration of Growth Factors, including GDF-11, referred as “the Fountain of Youth” hormone by a Harvard Study
  • Quick & Reduced Recovery Time: Return to everyday, low impact activities.
  • Safe, Non-steroidal Alternative to Surgery: Helps recruit your body’s stem cells and healing components to reconstruct and regenerate the injured tissue that is causing pain.

The treatment is ideal for patients suffering the following:  

  • Spinal injuries: neck pain, mid or lower back pain, sacroiliac joints
  • Joint Injuries: knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, fingers and toes
  • Soft tissue injuries: plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, rotator cuff syndrome

How does amniotic fluid injections work?

Amniotic fluid takes advantage of the body’s ability to repair itself. With an amniotic fluid injection, our nurse practitioner injects the amniotic fluid from amniotic tissues into your body. The amniotic fluid has anti-inflammatory properties, similar to cortisone and steroid shots. However, amniotic fluid goes far beyond the benefits of standard “injection therapy.”

While cortisone and other drugs only provide temporary pain relief, amniotic fluid actually restores degenerated tissue while providing pain relief. The growth factors in the amniotic fluid may recruit your body’s own stem cells, directly mitigating the repair and the regeneration of healthy tissue. Additionally, amniotic fluid injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons, easing the pain and helping restore mobility.

Are Stem Cell Recruitment Injections covered by insurance?

Yes, amniotic fluid injections are covered by Medicare, TriCare, UH Medicare Advantage, Worker’s Comp and commercial insurances. Every insurance plan is different, so we will verify your insurance benefits to determine your coverage in our clinic.

For more information about Regenerative Cell Therapy or Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy for joint, soft tissue, and spinal injuries, call us at       904-645-0777 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.