Physical Therapy

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy helps develop, maintain and restore maximum body movement, functional ability and strength. Physical therapists are trained experts in treating neuromusculoskeletal and movement disorders to help patients regain their quality of life. Patients of all ages can benefit from physical therapy because no drugs or invasive procedures are used.

How does physical therapy work?

Physical therapy provides pain relief and strengthens the area of concern. Hot and cold therapy, electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound are used, as well as other therapeutic techniques to restore endurance, strength and range of motion. It’s important to communicate the frequency, intensity and duration of pain to your therapist so they can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Who benefits from physical therapy?

Patient who want to:

  • Reduce the need of surgery or avoid surgery all together
  • Avoid opioids
  • Improve mobility and balance
  • Restore optimal body function
  • Prevent and treat injuries
  • Enhance quality of life and well-being

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