Pain Management & How it Works

Chronic Pain – Pain Manage

What is Pain Management?

Pain management helps patients treat and manage chronic pain. At Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, we specialize in small and large joint, trigger point, plantar fascia and nerve/neuropathy injections to help alleviate joint pain. Typically done with holistic botanicals and saline, injections relieve pain in areas containing small tender knots in the muscle or fascia known as trigger points. The procedure takes only a few minutes and pain is typically reduced with one injection. Occasionally, trigger points require more than one injection at different angles.

How Does Pain Managment Work?

  • For small and large joints, the designated area is injected with a natural botanical solution to help relieve the associated pain. Commonly injected joints include the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, wrist, base of the thumb and small joints in the hands and feet.
  • For plantar fascia, injections occur where the area is most painful. The injection contains numbing ingredients and most often, saline. This combination helps to numb the initial pain and alleviate symptoms, while the actual injection helps reduce the associated pain over time.
  • For nerves/neuropathy, also known as nerve blocks, these injections can reduce or eliminate acute pain associated to different nerves and aid patients suffering from neuropathy. Through local anesthesia and natural substances, the nerve is numbed to dull the associated pain. In some cases, nerve blocks can be used to avoid surgery.
  • For headaches, injections are used to treat the symptoms of migraine and cluster headaches. The injection narrows blood vessels within the brain and stops pain signals from being sent to the brain. The injections also prevent the release of substances that cause pain and nausea.
  • For muscle aches and pain, injections can be used to alleviate pain associated with muscle spasms and sports injuries.

Who benefits from Pain Management?

Patients with chronic pain in the following areas:

  • Arms (elbow, wrist, hand)
  • Legs (knee, ankle, feet)
  • Lower back
  • Head/neck
  • Shoulder

If you’re interested in pain management, please call Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville at 904-645-0777 to schedule a complimentary consultation.