Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Medical weight loss is the proactive management of diet, fitness and healthy behavior conducted by a physician. These programs generally include comprehensive metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to monitor physiological shifts during the course of a program.

Why should we go for Medical Weight Loss?

While medical weight-loss programs have a much stronger success rate than most self-managed diet regiments, both are often focused on the same essential goal: improving an individual’s nutritional and exercise habits. This technique is designed to help any individual with their specific body weight goals, whether to lose hundred pounds or those stubborn last five pounds. It is majorly beneficial for those who have a body mass index of thirty or higher because it can minimize the risk of other serious medical conditions. Medical weight loss is basically weight management based on medical scientific evidence that targets the main causes of obesity and weight increase.

How effective is Medical Weight Loss Treatment?

Trained doctors provide the treatment or guidance required to help one to achieve weight loss and maintain it for life. Medical professionals specializing in managing weight loss exclusively through nutrition and exercise can guide and support you better if you are aiming to reach a particular body weight number. There are many weight loss programs available in and each weight loss company may specialize in or follow a particular methodology. Cardiovascular conditioning, strength building, and flexibility training, in addition to nutritional management, are critical components of effective medical weight-loss programs.

Exercise delivers a myriad of profound benefits to the body, particularly in the context of losing weight, as it is a catalyst for metabolic change. While there are dozens of medical weight loss programs to choose from, it is necessary to evaluate and ultimately select a program that delivers a profound opportunity to encourage and maintain healthy lifestyle change, keeping the body in good health and maintaining the structure in a consistent manner.

Lipo Light

We are aware of the harmful effects the sun has on our skin. However, the sun also provides benefits to our body. One benefit is the tighter, healthier looking skin. With many jobs involving a more sedentary life compared to our ancestors, we are not exposed to the effects of the sun as often. Work and life can continue to keep you from getting out when the sun is still shinning. Thankfully, Lipo Light is able to mimic the effects of the sun and promote the tightening of skin. Not only does it restore healthier looking skin, it also helps you burn fat and trim inches from your troubled areas.

How is this possible? The Laser Lipo machine utilizes LED light energy that will successfully and safely penetrate the skin. Your fat cells with stimulated by the light and begin to secrete different natural substances your fat cells held onto. This will help your fat cells decrease in size, giving you inches lost, fat lost, and decrease or removal of cellulite. This is also able to promote a boost in your energy due to the fat cells’ absorption and release, also aiding in weight loss as well.

The best part about laser lipo though? It is non-invasive! Gain results of fat loss without undergoing anesthesia and incisions to for the suctioning of the fat. Reap the benefits of fat loss at an affordable price without having potentially damaging procedures. The worst case, your results are not what you had wanted. Even then, you will have walked away without undergoing a potentially dangerous procedure and spending thousands of dollars.

If laser lipo is something you are curious about, check out our clinic and set up a consultation. That way, we can see if this is right for you and create a solid plan for your body goals. We are happy to help you out and answer any further questions you may have!

Whole Body Vibration

When you hear whole body vibration associated with fat loss, you may be skeptical. The idea of those funny looking machines shaking you with a belt so hard you will lose fat? Preposterous idea now a days. However, with the advancement of science, it may not be as preposterous. With how much technology has grown, new devices are able to act differently and be tested more thoroughly. This has created the new rise of whole body vibrations.

If you are already physically active, whole body vibrations could supplement your training further with increased muscle stimulation in your legs, knee-extensor strength and fat free mass as well. The increase in strength can also aid in weight loss due to the science of muscle burning fat. The increase in muscle mass will help to not only build a strong foundation within your legs, but also burn fat within the areas as well.

However, not everyone can participate in strenuous physical activities. This could be due to many different causes, ranging from medical conditions to age. With whole body vibrations though, not only will the machine stimulate leg muscles and fat loss, it will help prevent bone loss. This is especially important for individuals going into their later years. As degeneration of the body becomes noticeable, the prevention of bone loss is key. Whole body vibrations are a good way for muscles to be stimulated, in turn, promoting fat loss for elders who would be at higher risk of joint injury or ligament damage from exercise. Added with the benefit of maintaining bone density, this is a viable option for those looking to supplement their exercise routine or who can’t do difficult physical exercise.

Ketone Supplementation

Are you having trouble with your weight loss goals even though you have a solid diet and consistently exercise? Maybe you are lacking the energy to crush your workouts or to even put the effort into going to the gym. Ketone supplementation can be the answer for you. As more research continues to surface on diets, it has been seen in many individuals a ketogenic diet can be beneficial. This is not due to special foods within the ketogenic diet, rather the state of ketosis your body enters due to nutritional restrictions.

When your body has little-to-no carbohydrates for fuel, it will tap into your fat stores. This is known as ketosis. The utilization of fat stores will promote fat loss. But it also provides the benefit of supplying you with an abundant fuel source to give you that extra energy boost. Not only does it promote the use of fat storages for energy, it also suppresses hunger and leaves you feeling satiated. With increased energy, fat storages being used for the energy, and suppressed hunger, the results from ketogenic diets and ketone supplementation can yield satisfying results.

As the world of supplements and dieting has grown drastically over the years, the goal of creating a substance prompting your body to enter ketosis rose. With exogenous ketones, better known as a ketone supplement, the bodily process of ketosis can be induced. Your body will enter the state of ketosis. Supplementation is not meant to be a total fix, but rather an extra kick to your plan. We are able to properly examine your nutritional needs and work to incorporate ketone supplementation to increase your weight loss goals. In healthy individuals, this is a very effective process to help increase energy, burn fat, and lose weight. However, individuals with diabetes should avoid ketone supplementation as it can induce a serious complication known as diabetic ketoacidosis.