Could Your Lower Back Pain be Deadly?

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Lower back pain can be infuriating. It gets the best of you and makes you feel the worst.

It’s capable of doing that.

There are various kinds of pains that you may experience in your life, but it’s not necessary that all of them are dangerous and deadly.

Although be warned, some might be. Back pain could be an indication of a disease that may have made home in your body.

Every once in a while you might find a case where back pain was the result of an autoimmune disease, cancer, or some kind of infection. In spite of being extremely uncommon, there is no reason for you to risk it. You could start with physical therapy for lower back pain and then continue the treatment with your doctor to gain more information about what your body may be going through.

Somehow it’s worse for the older kids out there. Say the ones that are older than 55. Some of them end up at the hospital with a fracture, while most keep visiting the physician being scared of a crack or a sprain in the back.

That being said, most back pains come and go like the seasons, in which case, there isn’t a lot you should be worried about. While most aren’t dangerous to your living, they can ruin your personal and professional life along with messing with your mental health for the better part of the day.

You know how terrible chronic pain can be, right? Did you know that the chances of such a pain killing you is less than, well, most diseases? Horrible things do happen in this world, and your back pain could be leading to one such ending. There are times when medicine has let people down by failing to recognize the cause. Again, this becomes the rarest of rare cases. It’s never too late to start becoming aware of yourself and your body.

In a lot of cases, physical therapy for lower back pain is the solution to your painful problem.

How about we just list out the worst case scenarios of back pain?

  • In case your pain has been increasing steadily while not being a concern while you sit or sleep but effecting you when you lift a heavy object, there’s a chance you might have a tumor near your spine. This growth could be cancerous. It would be best to check in with your doctor to gain insight on the matter.
  • If you are middle-aged and are starting to feel the effects of back pain, then you don’t want to ignore it. If you’ve passed that stage, evaluate yourself and your condition. Check if you generally feel too stiff in the morning in various areas of your body. There’s no bias here, inflammatory arthritis of the spine is mostly recorded in men. For a heavier term, the condition is also known as ankylosing spondylitis.
  • There is a kind of pain that starts out slow, pinching your tendons at random times. With days and months going by, this discomfort increases into a constant stream of pain along with an extremely stiff back. There are chances that these pains are accompanied by a fever or an illness which would lead to the conclusion that you could be suffering from an infection near the spine.
  • This one’s a pretty hard one to miss. If you’ve noticed that it has become harder to pee, have been involuntarily peeing or pooping, and feeling weakness in legs then chances are that the lowest part of your spinal cord is being pinched. If you want to look up more information about this, here’s the fancier term: cauda equina syndrome. Sounds a little scary, right. The reasons behind this could be trauma, cancer, infection or ruptured disks.

Has the throbbing pain that you’ve been experiencing been in sync with your pulse? If you are a heart patient, a religious smoker, or a diabetic, you might have been dealing with such a feeling.

See, there’s an artery that runs right next to the spine. You might be suffering from abdominal aneurysm since in an area near the spine the nerve blows up. It could be very painful for people in spite of getting physical therapy for lower back pain.

What you’re going to read next, might not make a lot of sense to you at first and that’s okay. Just continue reading.

It is easy to assume that the worse the pain you suffer from the deadlier it will be. Somehow, that’s not the case. The worse your disease or condition, the less the pain. Can you believe that? No, right?

But seriously! It’s the truth. Consider this: Someone suffering from cauda equina syndrome feels very little pain to no pain at all but are putting themselves in the risk of being permanently injured. On the other hand, if you take into consideration someone complaining about muscle pain, you’d get tired. You know how bad it can become. There are small trigger points in the muscles that start to throb with every movement. The only bad thing about such pains is that they hinder your comfortable lifestyle.

Let’s get one thing straight. There are two cases of back pain which should not be ignored under any circumstances.

Number one is an accident that may have caused trauma on your spine and possibly injured it. This one’s pretty apparent, but at the time we want to hear it from someone.

If you’ve had an injury, the first step should be to see a doctor and get physical therapy for lower back pain.

The second circumstance being numbness around your groin and buttocks area. You don’t have the time to wait and see if it goes away. It requires immediate medical attention. Without it, you could be in for some serious trouble.

Here’s what you want to do to check up on yourself before you go to the doctor.

  • The slightest touch on or near the spine causes unbearable pain.
  • Rapid weight loss.
  • Joint pain, rashes, irritated eyes, morning stiffness, etc. are signs of autoimmune disease which generally starts showing its true colors after the age of 40. The autoimmune disease could be hereditary.
  • HIV, steroid use, or taking other harsh medications could have an adverse effect on the spine.
  • Consistent pain in the upper back could be a sign of cancer.

Don’t start to panic right away! There could be other reasons that these symptoms have been popping up.

Take a deep breath and start analyzing these points and if you find a legitimate reason to worry, you can always make an appointment with your doctor. A combination of all these ranging over a period of several weeks could be a clear cut sign for you to make some important phone calls, hopefully to a physician that provides physical therapy for lower back pain.

Anyway, here’s some information you might not have known but have wondered about for a long time. There is specifically one type of pain that is extremely common. A pain that occurs on either side of the lower back, keeps switching, at times dominating one side. The other type is the kind of pain that only persists on one side and is far less common than the first one.

There are various reasons for pain in the lower right side of the back. Read the list to understand a few of them.

  • The Kidney – Okay, fair enough, kidneys aren’t low enough to be considered as the cause of lower back pain, but they are. When you get a kidney stone, and it starts to move down towards your uterus which could cause pain that would make you teary-eyed. Since the discomfort develops, let’s say, within a second, it is often mistaken for back pain.
  • The Gall Bladder – When there’s a problem with the gall bladder, you could feel the pain on the right side of your back along with a crazy amount of abdominal pain.
  • Your Bones and Muscles – An injury could misplace the alignment of the musculoskeletal structures in your spine causing pain. The invertebral discs, when damaged, generally bulges to either one of the sides although it is centrally located.
  • The Aorta – Yes! The largest artery in the body that runs from the heart through the rib cage to the left side of the spine can be the victim of an aneurysm leaving you gasping for air and a second of relief from pain.

As mentioned earlier, these are just a few reasons why you could be experiencing lower back pain.

The best way to really get to the bottom of the reason for such intense amounts of pain is to see a qualified doctor at a reputed facility.

At Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, the finest team of specialists are available to help you. Don’t just cope up with your pain problems. You want to heal it permanently with our physical therapy for lower back pain specialists in Jacksonville. Book your appointment now!

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