Advancements in Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy For Sportsmen

For many people, playing sport is an integral part of their lives. But every kind of sports demands great focus and functional management to achieve success.

Ask an athlete the pressure of winning and you will get to know its effect on their minds. Every failure leads to stress in different ways. Stress-related illness is common in sports and so are physical injuries, sprains, and strains. They are not only painful but also demotivate the player.

Sciatica, groin pull, hamstring, tennis or golf elbow are some of the most common issues that an athlete comes across in everyday practice. Acute muscle injuries take place when a muscle is suddenly stretched beyond its elasticity.

For minor injuries, you do not need a doctor or an expert. They can be simply treated at home by following the RICE method. It is the most used self-care technique that involves four steps – Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

In most cases, athletes are able to overcome an injury with the help of drugs, painkillers, and injections. But major injuries and sports accidents cannot be treated through regular methods and often require a surgery. It takes months of rest to heal from a surgery internally and to become fit again.

In severe accidents that require a surgery and athletes have to recover quickly for a match, regenerative stem cell therapy comes to the rescue!

And now you might be thinking, what is regenerative stem cell therapy so let us understand.

Regenerative stem cell therapy is a miracle in the field of medicine. and has brought a revolutionary change. Here’s how:-

Regenerative medicine has the potential to completely heal a damaged tissue in the body by stimulating the body’s own mechanism. It can completely heal diseases like heart injuries, spine disorders, vision disabilities, neuro degenerative disabilities, serious injuries due to accident, aches, and pains. It also helps to fight serious diseases like cancer and diabetes.

It is a nonsurgical process which aims to bring the body back to its normal function by treating the body naturally. The process replaces or regenerates the body’s cells, tissues and organs to perform normal body functions while also treating the disease or injury.

Enhancing regenerative medicine and supplementing therapeutic medicines, there is a process called stem cell therapy. The process is natural and holds an astonishing power to treat the patients through their own cells. Regenerative stem cell therapy is effective in treating diseases that were not treatable earlier. It eliminates the disease from the root and ensures a quick recovery. The treatment takes 2 hours at the most and in a day or two, patients can resume their routine activities. After the therapy, the tissues, tendons, and joints of the body are improved which help in performing daily activities seamlessly. Hence, the therapy is highly recommended for sports professionals.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are different types of human cells that are also considered as ‘blank cells’. They can be muscles cells, fat cells, brain cells or any other type of human cells. For a stem cell therapy, stem cells are extracted from any part of the human body for treatment.

Stem cells have a special ability to –

  • Differentiate and duplicate themselves as a specific kind of cell
  • Proliferate and divide into the cells to perform a specific bodily function

As it’s on an emerging stage, stem cell therapy is not very widespread and is not conducted as a standard practice by doctors. But when implemented, stem cells are used to treat several injuries that created damage to tendons, ligaments, cartilage or muscles of the body.

Moving ahead, let us understand the types of regenerative treatments for sports injuries:-

1. Stem Cell Treatment
The result of stem cell treatments is quick and longlasting. Talking about the process, cells are first drawn out from the patient’s body. Doctors, then harvest them by separating the stem cells. Once processed, the cells are then injected back into the patient’s body. As its process is natural and safe, stem cell treatment is the most recommended treatment of regenerative medicine.

2. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is also an effective therapy to treat sports injuries. In platelet-rich-plasma, patient’s blood is extracted, processed in a centrifuge and the concentrated solution is injected back into the patient’s body, directly on the injured area. The natural healing properties of blood platelets start repairing the injury. Results of PRP are usually seen within 4-6 weeks, which may vary due to several factors such as the patient’s age group, the severity of the injury method of blood processing and so on.

3. Prolotherapy
Prolotherapy is commonly known as regenerative joint injection and proliferation therapy. It is believed that inflammation increases the blood flow and attracts other cells which accelerate the healing of damaged tissues. Considering this, a natural irritant is directly injected on a soft tissue of the injured area. As soon as the irritant enters the body, the healing process initiates. Prolotherapy is largely used by doctors to treat injured joints and ligaments. Surgical options cannot completely fix an injured joint. But, prolotherapy can treat an injury completely. The entire process of prolotherapy takes 30 minutes and patients are discharged soon after the session is over.

4. Cartilage regeneration
Although being a tough element, cartilage is prone to get damaged due to conditions such as –
Direct blow – a situation where a heavyweight rests on joints or in a bad fall or occurrence of an accident, cartilage gets damaged. All these situations are common in sports.

Wear and tear – This happens when joints experience a long period of physical stress. A high degree of physical stress on the joints causes inflammation, breakdown or loss of cartilage and also lead to osteoarthritis.
Lack of movement – When the body is idle for a long time, cartilage may get damaged due to immobility. Although athletes may not face this situation soon it can come in the later stages of their lives.

Cartilage does not contain blood vessels, which prevents the cartilage to heal naturally. The doctor may make a small cut on the bone which is next to the cartilage to increase the blood flow on the damaged cartilage. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDs) and steroid injections are nonsurgical options to treat cartilage damage. Exercises are also suggested that are suitable to strengthen the muscles around the joint.

Treating sports injuries with regenerative medicines was earlier reserved only for top-athletes but is now going mainstream because of its unique properties to replenish cells damaged due to disease, injury or normal accident.

Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville has an expert team of doctors, chiropractors, therapists and medical directors who work under a single aim to relieve patients from their diseases in the most natural way. We ensure that our treatments are the least invasive and effective for our patients.

Regenerative stem cell therapy at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville treats patients naturally by using the stem cells derived from placental tissue and umbilical cord blood. We utilize the stem cells growth factors that can help you repair the body and regrow cartilage, ligament or joint tissue.

How we are helping our patients to cure their diseases and advance towards a fulfilled life:-

  • At Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, patients are just 30 minutes away from a fit and healthy body. Because our regenerative stem cell therapy is a safe and natural procedure that takes at the most 30 minutes.
  • Before starting a treatment, professionals at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville take a detailed diagnosis and medical history of the patient. We suggest a treatment only after learning about the severity of their disease and their past diseases. This helps us to not only treat the symptoms but eliminate the disease from the root forever. We suggest cold laser therapy, viscosupplementation, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), medical cannabis, and other non-invasive options after considering the seriousness of the disease or injury.
  • We also integrate physical therapy with other treatments. Our physical therapy provides an array of health benefits to our patients. Physical therapy helps to maintain cholesterol levels, improve balance and endurance whilst also aiding muscle strength and weight loss. We also arrange for treatments such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation to improve favorable symptoms.
  • In case of injuries, we help patients in seeking ways to prevent future injuries. Our pain management program implements holistic botanical and saline injections to treat spasms, chronic muscles and nerves pain.
  • We, at Physical Healthcare of Jacksonville, believe in a proactive approach. We prepare our patients towards a healthy aging and counseling them to make healthy choices in the future. This helps them to deal with health issues before they become chronic. And if you are already fighting with a disease, our team who also include chiropractors and medical experts plan a pain management and disease eliminating plan for your overall well-being.

And hence regenerative stem cell therapy becomes the best option for patients who are seeking nonsurgical treatments and especially athletes who want a quick recovery from injury. If you are also in search of non-invasive solutions to your health problems, get in touch now!