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We Now Offer At-Home Allergy Testing and Telemedicine

As a service, not only to our patients, but the entire Jacksonville community, we now provide at-home allergy testing. Currently the million-dollar question people are asking themselves is “Is it allergies? Or do I have the Coronavirus!?” because allergy symptoms are much like those of the Coronavirus. What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to administer […]

10 Classic Spinal Misalignment Symptoms (and What to Do about Them)
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We all know that the spine is a critical aspect of the human body. Comprised of 33 intricately connected vertebrae, it serves as an extension of the Central Nervous System, constantly sending complex messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Misalignments of the spinal column create a cascading affect, disrupting communication between […]

Bothered with Back and neck pain? Unleash the causes and ways to tackle it
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Probably, you might not know how amazing your neck functions, but it does! It is mounted with an 11-pound skull, protecting the cerebral vertebrae- the vertebrae of the neck connecting the brain and the body. Most importantly, it allows you to move, nod, bend your neck, giving you the leverage to work. Just like the […]

Breaking The Most Common Myths About Chiropractic Medicine
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“Are chiropractors considered doctors?” thought Laura while she was reading a book on Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic. It is quite surprising that even after the wide acceptance that the country has shown to chiropractic, there is a level of uncertainty surrounding chiropractic medicine. What can be the reason behind such uncertainty? Is chiropractic ineffective? Stats show […]

Everything You Need to Know About: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
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An umbrella term, pelvic floor dysfunction covers various disorders that develop when the ligaments and the pelvic floor muscles weaken. In such cases, it becomes tough for a woman to control the movement of the muscles. Did you know nearly 1 out of every 11 women suffers from pelvic floor dysfunction? The disorder prevails with […]