Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

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Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

The Atlas is one of the essential parts of the spinal bone structure. This bone is the cornerstone to your good health and well-being. When it is misaligned, it can cause few health issues which may affect your day to day life. Incorrect spinal alignment affects the ability of the brain to send messages through the central nervous system seamlessly. The atlas vertebra is the bone that controls the arrangement of the entire spine. Atlas orthogonal chiropractic is a specialized form of chiropractic. Chiropractic treatment Jacksonville offers this specialized form of chiropractic as a safe and painless spinal correction that restores body balance and activates the natural healing abilities of the body. Atlas orthogonal chiropractic professionals are specialized in correcting spinal misalignments by using the atlas orthogonal percussion instrument. It is a gentle treatment in which the patient barely feels anything. It adjusts the misalignments without any forceful twisting or jerking movements.

How do you benefit from this treatment?

Atlas orthogonal chiropractic can make your body work better in many ways. It promotes overall health and wellness. You will experience various changes in your body after the first chiropractic session. These changes are due to the response of the nervous system. Atlas orthogonal instrument is specially designed to deliver a precise chiropractic adjustment. It helps you deal with pain, improves general health and other medical issues such as nerve pain, neck pain, atlas subluxation, balance problems, surgery prevention, organ function, Sciatica, Horner’s syndrome, Bell’s palsy, athletic injuries, herniated discs, sinus problems, dizziness, allergies, fibromyalgia, seizures, healthy pregnancy, blood pressure, asthma, scoliosis, joint pain, arthritis, ear infections, mental clarity, bowel regularity and back pain.

Atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatment helps to relieve pain and encourages development and growth in children. Correct spinal alignment can prevent the need for medication and surgery in many patients. Chiropractic treatment Jacksonville and their expertise professionals help their patients unlock the natural healing process and the real potential of the body to ensure a healthy life. The main focus of atlas org chiropractic is to restore body balance by correcting the upper cervical spine. The primary thing that makes it different from other chiropractic procedure is that patients experience minor sensation during the atlas orthogonal spinal correction. The chiropractor uses a particular x-ray device to point the exact location of atlas vertebra and to determine its shifts from the actual position. It involves light touches rather than forceful manipulations.

Most people when thinking of chiropractic care they are probably thinking of muscle aches, back pain or neck pain. But atlas orthogonal chiropractic treatment helps your body work more efficiently with immediate pain relief. Orthogonal chiropractic is specific upper-cervical care combined with a broad range of full spine-adjusting techniques. Chiropractic treatment Jacksonville use activator methods of chiropractic treatment to restore body mechanics and spinal health to improve your life quality. The atlas orthodontist percussion adjustment instrument uses a sound wave that gently restores the bone’s normal function. Studies have revealed that this treatment is effective for adults, children and even can reduce the risk of SIDS i.e sudden infant death syndrome. Patients have reported that it has eliminated high blood pressure, allergies, bed wetting, face pain, headaches, and migraine pains and other ailments.